I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet What Do I Do


I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet What Do I Do. This will extract the moisture from the. If your phone fell into a tub that’s filled with liquid other than water, we suggest you wipe it down with a damp cloth.

I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet What Do I DoI Dropped My Phone In The Toilet What Do I Do
Help! I dropped my phone in the toilet!! RooterMan from rooterman.com

In case your smartphone has a removable battery and. Luckily is still working and i got all my pictures because i just returned from holiday! First thing is dont try to switch it on.

It May Seem Fine Now But Water And Electronics Don’t Mix Well.

I do believe ac+ pays for itself if you have to use your 2 incidents per year, but if you don’t then i’m not sure that it does. Remove excess ipod or iphone toilet water. After turning off your device, take out any removable parts, soak in clean water for approximately 1~3 minutes, then rinse.

Okay, Your Phone’s In The Loo.

Larger models may survive the toilet's current, but smaller phones typically go down the. I put it in a bag with. After you dropped your phone in water, you should do everything in your power to dry it up.

Your Phone Will Die At Some Point.

Sometimes people drop their cell phone in the toilet, don't notice its absence immediately, and flush. Don’t get stunned and pick it out as soon as possible. Wipe it clean and dry.

If You Didn’t Use The Toilet Before You Dropped It, It.

Turning it on while it's wet could cause permanent damage to the internal wiring. The best method for safely drying a phone that has been submerged in water is to take it to a place like drybox or tekdry, which charges about $69.99 to professionally dry the. Dry off as much of the.

If Your Ipod Or Iphone Was Only Immersed In Clean Water For A Brief Moment, Then A Careful Drying Is All That May Be Required.

Not sure what to do to make sure it is fine. Dab the surface moisture away. I’ve dropped my phone down the loo.